Sunday, 29 November 2015


Our fabulous Nifty Gal, Sanna Lippert's latest and greatest creation is Spooky Dooky! This eye catching collection of Halloween cards were created using our October major collection  'Cadaverous Charm' which is seriously spooky and ghoulish. You can grab that in our store.

When they are combined in a hybrid page you will be amazed by how easy it is to use digital kits to create bold projects just as Sanna has done with these awesome cards. Swoon over Sanna's stunning projects below and check out her step-by-step tutorial outlining some really nifty hybrid tips & tricks. 
'Halloween Cards'
by Sanna Lippert
Digital Credits:
Cadaverous Charm | Collection by The Nifty Pixel

Hello there! I am back with another simple and easy hybrid idea. Since I am not a digi genius like my design team colleagues, I do lots of things the "simple" way. This time I wanted to create fun and easy Halloween cards using Nifty Pixels Cadavreous Charm Halloween Collection.

I started as always assembling various design elements on to an A3 formatted page then printed it. This way everything I think I might of needed to use and all printed on the one sheet saving time, paper and toner. Whilst I was sending the printing job to my printer I noticed that it also offered an option of printing the favoured image in a full page size. That meant not the 30 X 30 cm size but instead the full A3 size!  

How amazing is that, I can now use the whole page and cut my paper to any preferred size I want it to be and nothing goes to waste.
Now this was mind blowing to me, so don't laugh because you probably already thought about this, but it took a while until my brain cells actually noticed how practical this printing option can be for us scrappers! Check out how the A3 scale looks below.
And now back to the cards. I created a set of 9 out of one A3 sized paper of Halloween elements and one sheet of background papers. In addition I only needed some 3D dimensional adhesive tape, glitter glue a stapler, white pen and stencil some texture paste and some Glimmer Glaze for extra drama when decorating the cards.
So here is what I did...
Everything is kept pretty simple. I just fussy cut the images, cut the background paper into the size I require and glue those onto the card bases. I would then adhere those either by using a regular glue roller or if I wanted to add extra dimension I would adhere the elements down with a 3D tape.

On one card I used a periled texture paste with a TCW Stencil (The Crafters Workshop) to add some detail onto the background and then just added the key design element on top.

On some cards I outlined areas with a white gel pen and or added some shine with glitter glue. Some elements were roughly adhered to the base using a stapler, I found this added a nice "halloweenish" effect to the cards. Finally, I added some Glimmer Glaze in orange and black for some really blingy visual interest, so so very simple and easy to to do but the effect is twofold.
The digital kit itself is striking and because the elements are bold as stand alone embellishments I decided that the cards did'nt need much more additional decoration, just a few key elements well placed, a touch of glimmer and you have a set of 9 cards made in no time at all!

Wowwww! Thank you so much Sanna. What a handy tip about checking your printer options, if your printer can do A3 then thats a bonus for sure! We've all gotta agree Sanna makes some special tutorials for us here at The Nifty Pixel.

If anyone would like to check out more of Sanna's projects why not pop over to
 her fabulous blog  Papierstau and get inspired even more!
Have fun scrappin' and remember to...

Thursday, 26 November 2015


November is drawing to a close which means it's CU product time. This month we are adding texture and pattern to all your digital projects. These nifty bookcover textures and vintage motif inspired patterns will add a lot of great textures and bold pattern work to your designs.

Oh and don't forget you can grab these CU goodies plus any of my PU products at reduced prices over this Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale at The Digichick.

Thursday, 19 November 2015


It's that time again Nifty Pack release day...Woohoo! This month it's all about adding some realism to your pages with flair and confidence. 

Makin' Marks Vol.3 is a 'nifty' brush and stamp set full of circle goodness. If you're like me and love to add some bold graphic textures to your projects then these will fit the bill perfectly.

We also have a second set of gesso called Gesso Goodness Vol.2. Just like the first pack these are a great way to add some realistic looking painterly effects to your backgrounds or when clipped to elements create a look of gesso on the surface for added texture.

I really hope you find these nifty packs handy, I know I will....ooh and hey remember you can grab these this weekend for a whopping...

Thursday, 12 November 2015


Life of Pie | Page Drafts is a release from our old blog back in September 2014. It was a popular set of sketch templates so we thought why not release them in the shop this month. Each sketch includes Pie Charts as the main design element. I love how pie charts lend themselves to creating some fun and whimsical pages. They are great for segmenting your day into time components and are also a great way to use up all those scrap papers in your stash, gotta love that!

We also thought this month we'd bring back our Tips and Tricks segment to help you reel in that missing mojo even more, so grab a cuppa and read on for some great tips and of course some awesome CT inspiration to get you swooning!
This months tips were inspired by the humble, pie chart.  Here is a basic wiki definition;
'Charts of course are a type of graph that are portioned into sectors that each represent a portion of the whole picture, but they are also really cool graphic elements. Each sector can be easily showcased with a photo, texture or paper making for some fun and variable combinations.'
Tip 1: When sectioning a circle into a pie think about how many sectors you will need, then circle punch that many from varying papers. Once that is done stack them and carefully cut like you are slicing a piece of pie, but cut some thicker pieces, this is the one time when its okay to be a bit greedy! You will have several pieces all forming different pies and as quick as counting 1, 2, 3.

Tip 2: Follow the same process but add a photo into the sandwich. You'll be amazed by what a fantastic and unique way it is to show off  all those happy snaps you have in your cache.

Tip 3: Have you noticed that charts have information typed within each sector. The data you share can be part of your journaling. You could try adding a wordart or a letter and number overlayed on each section. Alternatively you could add a list like a map legend as a different way to journal and document your story.

Tip 4: Nine times out of ten your photo tells the story so journaling is not always needed as an integral part of your design. However using #hashtags is a fun way to capture in one simple word or phrase, a feeling or description of the event you are scrapping and hey, lets face it, very on trend!
If you do decide to create some projects using our designs don't forget to link us up with your amazing creations either by commenting below or posting your artworks on our FB FAN PAGE so we can swoon and most importantly leave you some lovin'!

Happy Scrapping! Hope you enjoy the sketches and remember to,
Let your imagination do the rest.

Sunday, 8 November 2015


This months Major Casefile #181 over at C.S.I is now live and runs until the 30th November 2015. This months Major Casefile is all about sharing your personal history. There are some great journaling prompts in the links provided over at CSI and the evidence prompts lend themselves to just a touch of vintage or steampunk perfect design themes for capturing the essence of days gone by.

Here is the sketch and a couple of sample pages. Don't forget you can download the digital template below if you are keen to play digitally.

 NB: Freebie download available until November 30th 2015, so grab it while you can!
Let's have a closer look at the casefile + some Nifty Gal inspo for you to check out.
by Carol Deal
So to be in the running for some fabulous prizes head over to C.S.I and get all the challenge details there. Good luck everyone, have fun with the challenge and I look forward to seeing all your amazing projects so don't forget to share a link either here or post your project on The Nifty Pixel Facebook wall we'd love to see them you can also tag us on IG using #pagedrafts or #theniftypixel

Hope you enjoy the sketch everyone!

Thursday, 5 November 2015


Happy Digital Scrapbook Day!
How exciting it's such a big month in digi land with lots of fabulous celebrations happening across the internet all in celebration of our favourite hobby and pastime. Over at The Digi Chick website you will find lots of fun forum challenges and activities and a whopping 40% off everything in store! Yep, thats huge and that also includes my CU shop! This means there is no better time like now to snaffle up some bargains and save some pennies in your hip pocket. We are also having another $2 ChickBlitz Sale over at The DigiChick gotta love DSD hey!
As most of you know we schedule in the first week of every month a new major collection. Were so excited to release our November collection which is called
'Who Lives Here?'
...welllllll, this colourful collection is all about our safe haven. The neighbourhood we live in, the house we call home and the people who fill it, that is our tribe. These peeps are our family, our friends and of course the furbabies that totally get us, love us unconditionally and share the world we live in

The collection includes the Digital Kit (50+Elements, 18XPatterned Papers & 6X Solid Papers), Acetate Paper Pack, an Alpha Set (5 X Colours),  1X Texture Brush & Stamp Set, 1X Wordart Brush & Stamp Set and lastly a pack of Journal Cards, all the ingredients you could possibly need for capturing those moments that sum up family and home life.

As an extra gift, if you purchase the full collection during the DSD sale you will also receive this free GWP which will be included in the collection download...not too shabby at all. 
NB: This will only be available as a FWP from 5-8th of November, so get in quick!!
....{insert cheeky smile here}
Because we love to celebrate with you we decided we'd gift you another mini freebie kit!
We really appreciate you and your support here at The Nifty Pixel so please ENJOY this extra gift!
ooh, and just incase you missed the DigiScrap Parade click on the image below to grab our DSP freebie To Gather | Mini Digital Kit which you'll notice also coordinates with our Who Live's Here? | Collection, OMG thats 3 freebies in total, knock me over with a feather...hehehe
Have fun and happy DSD everyone!