Friday, 29 November 2019


It’s that time of the year, one of the greatest events in digi land is upon us.....cue drum roll....woohoo its the Black Friday Sales! I know right, that’s come around quickly and I sooooo know I’ll be enjoying some of the awesome specials, watch out hip pocket. To jump into the fun I’m excited to tell you that I have a couple of awesome products to share with you. Firstly a very pretty collection I collaborated on with Jenn of Simple Pleasure Designs and I also have a brand spanking new template pack that many of you requested, so of course Lynn and I had to get this one sorted for you all! Hehe 

So lets get started and have a look at the collection!

Here’s COLD HANDS WARM HEART, a colourful dedication to the beauty of winter and the splendour of a snow filled sparkly wonderland. For those of you that get to enjoy snow fall, I’m wildly jealous haha and whilst daunting at first I ended up having so much fun collaborating on this theme with Jenn, it gave me a taste at least in my imagination of what its like. But what I love about this collection is that it still works for those of us that live in warmer climates as it has a festive feel. With a little creative play you’ll be creating all kinds of pages and we have some great examples by the team showcasing just that!
The collection includes a kit bursting with 120 elements, 32 papers and 2 Alphas, one being a deliciously sweet cookie inspired style the other an acetate see-thru style inspired by icicles and snow. You’ll also find some cute hand drawn sketches of winter motifs by Jenn and a pack of deliciously grungy textures, paints and others mixed media elements by moi, both packs perfect for laying down some textured backgrounds and pops of cuteness. There are also plenty of Journal Cards and pocket fillers for those of us that love to create pocket pages and last but not least a mixed array of stunning wordart, really nifty for creating wintery titles!
I also have a second release of ARTFUL STARTERS that Lynn Grieveson and I collaborated on. I love Lynn’s kits so to be able to design templates using her amazing product is a dream come true. Here is ARTFUL STARTER No.2 ready to document those recipes, fun festive events and perfect for displaying ephemera and other collected memories along the way. The pack includes an art journal/ travel document style page with lots of pockets to fill and papers to tuck in. It also includes 3 extra clusters perfect for customising your own pages. If you love to showcase bits and pieces from your travels or family events then this set is perfect for you.
How pretty were those pages. Before you go don’t forget to grab your freebie gifts, I have a mini that coordinates with Cold Hands Warm Heart and a pack of hand drawn festive pretties that I created on my iPad.
Have a great weekend, I hope you enjoy my freebies and find some awesome digi goodies in the BLACK FRIDAY SALES!
Hugs Em x

Friday, 22 November 2019


Back again to share our latest template set, SCRAPPABLE STACKABLES. No.6 I designed the templates using a mix of kits by the uber talented Lynn Grieveson. Check out Lynn’s store here

This one is so bold with bursts of yellow and green. I love the festive feel perfect for all those Thanksgiving pages that you’ll be needing to scrap over the next couple of weeks, 

The stacks are so pretty and with a Title, Photo Cluster, Border and 12X12 template in the pack already done for you, they are so nifty for the time savvy not forgetting to mention perfect for all those festive celebration photos that need scrapping. Alternatively if you want to change things up you can easily customise them to your liking by clipping papers and elements from other kits, below are some great examples of this being created by the Polly’s.

by SeattleSheri
by Justagirl
by lowan
by Justagirl
by LynnG

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
a festive Thanksgiving and plenty of inspired scrappin’!

Friday, 8 November 2019


Ooh its that time again, and I’m excited to be sharing our latest collaborative collection of SCRAPPABLE STACKABLES. No.5 I designed the templates using Lynn Grieveson Designs beautiful kit FIND PEACE

The subtle greys of the cloudy skies are a promise of some rain ahead. There are soft tones of yellow and burnt umber hinting at the Autumn change in the air but also lends itself to the weather changes that Spring brings. 

The stacks are so pretty and with a Title, Photo Cluster, Border and 12X12 template in the pack already done for you, they are so nifty for the time savvy not forgetting to mention perfect for those Autumnal or Spring photos in your stash that need scrapping. Alternatively if you want to change things up you can easily customise them to your liking by clipping papers and elements from other kits, below are some great examples of this being created by the Polly’s.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and happy scrappin’!

Sunday, 3 November 2019


So we did it! What an awesome effort from our Lilypad community and family. Everyone that subbed a page  helped raise much needed finds for breast cancer research. each and every page was beautiful, some incredibly touching and raw. Its sad how many of us have been touched by cancer or watched loved ones endure it. We are all warriors in one way or another and that grace, resilience and strength is inspiring. Our amazing community of creatives subbed a whopping 91 pages in the October Inspiration Challenge!

Because of your incredible support $91 was to be donated from the Inspiration challenge submission final tally and well I couldn’t do that I had to round that total up to $100, even numbers work better for me hehe.

I also wanted to donate my share of profits from the sales of my and Lynn’s collaborative Templates 'LIFE RECORDED' that were on special for the month of October. Lynn Grieveson kindly donated her profits too! Wow, love you girl! So together we raised a further $184.95! That equates to a lot of packs being sold and we are eternally grateful for those of you that purchased them. I didn’t want to buck the trend so that total also got rounded up to $200, which means we have managed to raise $300 from the Inspiration challenge and the sale of those templates and I donated that amount to the NATIONAL BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION here in Australia on behalf of all of us!
Don’t go just yet because we haven’t finished, there’s more...our lovely, awesome sauce boss lady Laura  will also be donating $91 to her chosen organisation the SUSAN G KOMEN BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION. How awesome is that! This extra boost of funds gives us a grand total of $391 donated on half of THE LILYPAD. Well done everyone!

Thank you again for your incredible sense of community support. All donations no matter what organisation will help in funding research into breast cancer prevention and treatment and in the mission to attain zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030. This is totally achievable and by tapping into our creative energy we have all been a part in helping researchers potentially reach this goal!

On behalf of myself, Laura and Lynn we thank you again for your love and support, we should be very proud of our TLP family, I know I am and am so grateful for everyone in this awesome community.

Saturday, 5 October 2019


Hi Everyone,
It’s been a wee while since my last post here at the Nifty Blog. It’s been a hectic few months. I’m at the pointy end of my Breast Cancer treatment, nearing the final few rounds of Herceptin and the final surgery to get myself some new tata’s! Wooho getting excited for 2020 to roll around, for me its going to be significant, a new year, no nasty’s and nothing but blue skies!

To say the last 12 months has been quite a journey would be an understatement but its also had plenty of blessings, I’m here and happy so thats gotta be a good thing right?! hehe October 4th 2018 was my first round of Chemo and so its really timely that October has rolled around again! This month is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS and with DSD here what a perfect opportunity to raise some money on behalf of Breast Cancer Research.

So to kick start the fundraiser Lynn and I have collaborated again on a new template pack for the SPECIAL SATURDAY SALE. This time I designed 4 new 12x12 designs using Lynn’s stunning product. It’s such a buzz to be able to bring you this new set called Life Recorded. Each template focuses on positive moments in life. No matter how tricky life gets you can always find a positive in the little moments & the everyday magic. They are the stuff that ultimately matter at the end of the day. So lets scrap the everyday joys of life and immortalise those precious yet fleeting moments.

So here is how the fundraiser is going to work!
For every LIFE RECORDED TEMPLATE PACK sold during the month of October, I will donate my share of the pack sales to the NATIONAL BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION!  Yep its that simple, if you like it, then by all means buy it and I will donate the money but that is not the only exciting opportunity to help out, see below for another fundraiser!

I’m also hosting the OCTOBER INSPIRATION CHALLENGE over at The Lilypad. This month as a cheeky nod to Breast Cancer Awareness, the challenge criteria is to add either/all a Pink Ribbon, Pink Bow or a strip of Pink paper to your designs. If you want to go all out and create a Pink page then go for it.

Heres the cool part!
For every page that is subbed in this months Inspiration challenge I will donate $1 and Laura the lovely boss lady at TLP will match my amount! How amazing and how good would it be to have the same turn out as we do for the MOC challenges!? So tell your digi scrapping friends all about these two fundraisers, I can’t wait to see what the total amount is at the end of the month and will be sure to keep you posted on the final tally!

And since its DSD I wanted to give you all a gift!
Here is LIFE RECORDED Mini Kit for you to download! Hope you enjoy this lil' pretty!

Don’t forget to check those Tata’s ladies and gents. 
Happy scrapping!
Em x