Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Welcome to a brand new year...oh my gosh 2015 is here! 
I bet everyone had an amazing Christmas holiday and a fantastic New Year. If you are feeling a touch under the weather or lacking the brain power after all the festivities (like me he he) then this new release should see you through scrapping all those festive photographs you snapped.

I am so excited about it because this release is an extravaganza of unique and individually styled designs with just a touch of the Page Drafts flavour added in the mix! You see the sketches are inspired by 5 of our fabulous Nifty Pixel Creative Team members known as the 'The Nifty Gals'. 

The gorgeous Sanna, Tash, Barbara, Wendy and Marie all volunteered a page they've personally designed (thank you ladies) and from thosewe created this amazing Freebie Pack of beautiful sketches and digital templates as a special gift to you!

We are certain they will help you kick start the 2015 scrappin' year with some seriously great pages! So.... lets waste no more time and check these beauties out!


'My Best Side'
by Marie Johansson
Page Drafts Sketch #38.1 by The Nifty Pixel

'Let's Paint an Elephant'
by Sanna Lippert
Page Drafts Sketch #38.2 by The Nifty Pixel

by Barbara Sokee
Page Drafts Sketch #38.2 by The Nifty Pixel

'Paint & Draw'
by Marie Johansson
Page Drafts Sketch #38.2 by The Nifty Pixel

by Lizzy Crust
Page Drafts Sketch #38.2 by The Nifty Pixel

'Friends Forever'
by Wendy Bennett
Page Drafts Sketch #38.3 by The Nifty Pixel

'Music I Love'
by Natascha Broers
Page Drafts Sketch #38.4 by The Nifty Pixel

by Barbara Sokee
Page Drafts Sketch #38.5 by The Nifty Pixel

'Sweeter than Sugar'
by Zeneva Kovic
Page Drafts Sketch #38.5 by The Nifty Pixel 

'A Home for the Ladybird'
by Zeneva Kovic
Page Drafts Sketch #38.5 by The Nifty Pixel 

Hope you like these wonderful Nifty Gal sketches and the fabulous examples from the team. Don't forget to share your creations with us over at our Facebook Page or here in the comments below. We are always on the look out for your amazing artworks to showcase in both the GSO and Customer Creations galleries.

Have fun scrapping with the sketches and remember to
'Let Your Imagination Do the Rest!'

Em & The Nifty Gals.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

A WELCOME ANNOUNCEMENT! my brand spanking new site The Nifty Pixel. This little patch of the bloggersphere is where I will be planting myself for hopefully a long long time...he he...It is also where I hope 
you'll join me to help create a fun and bustling hub of all things nifty! 

So, the big news is... as of mid January 2015 I will be selling digital scrapbooking kits!!! OMG how exciting is that!? The kits will be available to all scrapbookers alike, be it seasoned digital scrappers, newbies to the digital scene, hybrid scrappers or traditional scrapbookers. Our goal is to simply create a place that inspires everyone and challenges you to try new things! We will be hosting some fabulous tutorials by The Nifty Crew on both traditional and hybrid scrapbooking and of course some really easy to follow tips and tricks on how to master digital scrapbooking techniques.

With the new site comes some changes and although minor ones I think this is an opportune moment to go over them with you guys. I hope I will have answered all your questions but please by all means if you need something else clarified pop them in the comment form below. I am here to answer all your questions and will reply as soon as possible. 

Nothing at all! PAGE DRAFTS by The Nifty Pixel will still be available to the broader scrapbooking community. However, with The Nifty Pixel entering a new phase Page Drafts will now be merged in with The Nifty Pixel brand and will make up one component of the business.
This means it won't be an entity on its own.

Well, basically that means that any future Page Drafts releases will be shared here on the new site. These will also be made available to the digital scrapbooking community as editable templates which is incredibly exciting. However, with this site being the primary site for the business the Page Drafts Blog and the Page Drafts Facebook page will both be closed a couple of months into 2015 and everything Page Drafts related will be shared here at or of course over at The Nifty Pixel Facebook Page along with any other newsy snippets that goes with promoting The Nifty Pixel products.

As you can imagine, designing product, running a store, updating a site plus maintaining a Facebook page is going to be quite time consuming so having everything consolidated into the one FB page and website makes perfect sense...don't you agree? This will enable me to free up my time and structure it so that I get optimum time creating templates and digital goodies for you guys to enjoy.

Not a lot at all. It does mean that the sketches in the brand new releases will not be available for free anymore...uh oh I know, but don't leave me yet! I will be offering plenty of free sketches at CSI, LCOM and of course the challenges that we host here at The Nifty Pixel. So that means there will be 3 FREE SKETCHES per month as opposed to the 5 we offered over at the Page Drafts Blog. Remember you will still be able to access over 200 free sketches in our Pinterest Album, which is not too shabby!

We will be adding extra fun stuffs to The Nifty Pixel Community here. In addition to our monthly Eye Candy Showcases we will also host a monthly challenge! These will be open to all scrapbookers, be it digital, traditional or hybrid artists, so please join in when we go live with them! There will be digital packs and traditional paper crafting packs available as prizes for the winner.

We will still be inviting people to Guest with us on our Creative Team. This will re-commence later in the year possibly around March, so keep an eye out for those calls as we will be on the look out for some fun, dynamic and vivacious nifty scrappers to show off!

if you could support us on this new adventure!

The best way to do that would be by following our blog and subscribing to The Nifty Pixel Newsletter. That way you can keep up to date and completely in the loop regarding all things Nifty and (insert wink here) you'll also be able to grab any newsletter subscriber freebies that we share with you in our monthly newsy...woohoo!

You could also scoot over to our Facebook page and click that LIKE button and then nominate to GET NOTIFICATIONS. That way you will be kept up to date on all things Nifty in your newsfeed!
 It would be amazing to get some peeps following before the store launch, because I would hate for anyone to miss out on the fun stuff that will be on offer to The Nifty Pixel followers during the big launch week!

So thats the big news, I hope I have answered some questions and got you all excited about these changes. It would be a dream come true if you joined me on this journey and incase you do decide you're up for some fun times... I would love to say, in advance...