Thursday 6 October 2016


This weeks release of Nifty Packs are some of my favourites. There are 4 in total each are a customer or Nifty CT request. I love to make nifty packs, they are tonnes of fun so if you have any special requests send me an email or pm me on the Nifty Facebook fan page I'll try my best to put together a pack for you. So lets have a closer look at this weeks nifty packs...
Check out WOODY | Alpha our latest layerable/stackable alpha. This one takes me back to my art school days in the Printmaking department. I loved linocuts, monographs and woodblock printing so this one sings to my heart!
RECYCLE IT V.1 | Cardboard was a request from one of the Nifty Gals. We love to recyle and upcycle at The Nifty Pixel, thats how we roll...we're nifty peeps and this pack of deliciously torn edged cardboard pieces is exactly what an environmently aware gal would swoon over.
BLING IT UP V.1 | Sequin is simply put... a hot mess of sparkle with just a touch of paint. These little beauties were destined to dress up a star wand for my son. Unfortunately, said 5 year old decided to pick them off deeming them defunct. On closer inspection I decided these less than perfect  bits with traces of paint on them were too pretty to discard and busy extracting them!
Lastly, TAPE IT UP V.3 | Masking Tape is that go to pack of tape we all know are a staple in any digi scrappers stash. They might be plain but they are the glue that binds and well simply the best elements anchor on the planet.

I love how the nifty gals used these packs. Each design so different and eye catching. Scoot on over to our store and check out all the other nifty packs we have ready for you to play with!

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