Thursday 3 November 2016


This weeks release of Nifty Packs are a little bit of fun if I can say so myself!
I'm a huge fan of showcasing our photos in a unique way and even though the tried, true and tested types of framing with polaroids or standard frames are great, I thought it would be fun to use some photographers proofs that are quite graphic with large number sequences and ruled measures and convert them into grungy clipping masks. These would be great for all scrapping styles and worth having a play.

I'm also starting to think Christmas and whilst this pack of acetate wings could be used for any theme I loved the idea of creating a pack to really add whimsy and oodles of dimension to your projects. Arent they just too cool! Their transparent quality allows you to really get creative and they won't block out any layers of elements underneath!
GRUNGE IT UP V.2 | Photo Clipping Masks are a creative way to mount or rather showcase those happy snaps of yours. I'm a fan of coming up with different ways to showcase our photography and this set of photographers proof mounts are just the ticket for laying down those shots in a creative bold way. The pack includes 6 different frames. Use the psd files and clip your photo in the solid section or combine the psd to form one layer and clip your photo right across the mount. So many ways to use these it really comes down to having fun with them.
Our second pack this month is WINGED V.1 | Acetate Accents. Yep aren't they the gas! I love a touch of whimsy and these will definitely add a theatrical element to your pages. Perfect for pages dedicated to those dear to us that have passed, ethereal themes or like the nifty gals have done by using them to portray angelic qualities in our loved ones. The pack includes shadowed versions of the wing sets + a brush & stamp set so you can tap into those god given creative talents.
 I love how the nifty gals used these packs. Each design so different and eye catching. Scoot on over to our store and check out all the other nifty packs we have ready for you to play with!

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