Saturday 6 June 2020


Yaha...thats right we're back in business...woohoo! After a 3 nearly 4 year hiatus I thought it was well overdue for me to get back into the swing of things and re-launch The Nifty Pixel. This time I'll be mostly offering up template packs since they are my fave goodies to design, but you will also see in the coming weeks plenty of new nifty packs and of course some of the popular ones will be coming out of the vault. These include curled paper clipping masks, photographers framing sets, textures and much much more, so stay tuned for those.

I’ll also be creating collections and collaborating with some of my fave designers, in fact I’m excited to tell you that today is the day that the uber talented, Ru of Studio Basic Designs and I have a collection to share. I know right, how cool! HAPPY HEART is a special one. It's a bright guiding light and radiates oodles of positivity something extra we could all do with in these tricky times!

Now onto the templates. Let me introduce to you my newly designed page drafts called PAPER PLAY & HEART FELT. These two packs are stacked and have dimensional shadowing perfect for the time savvy. I love these and hope you do too!
We are also gradually filling our store with our ever popular collaborative template sets with Lynn Grieveson Designs.  ARTFUL STARTER No.1 & SCRAPPABLE STACKABLES No.1 are the first of many to come!

Last but not least we have to share some oldies but goodies right?! ON THE EDGE & TUCKED IN V.1 PAGE DRAFTS have had a little refresh/ joosh. This is includes a slight recolour with some extra dimensional shadowing added. Please check your stash before purchasing as these were released a few years back in my previous store and well you might just already have them in your stash. 

We also have this complimentary sweet tempter on offer as our 2020 Sampler Page Draft over at SWEET SHOPPE DESIGNS! Whilst you’re there check out all the other designers sweet samplers they are flippen fantastic and a great way to road test designers you may not have worked with before!
One last thing before you go, I can’t have you leave with 1 empty hand so wanted you to enjoy this sweet Mini Kit called BRIGHT SIDE. It’s another bright & bold nod to looking on the bright side of life so be sure to grab it below. 
I hope you are as excited as I am with my news! I’ really am so happy to be back and can’t wait to see the galleries fill up with your amazing creations inspired by Nifty Pixel product. If you haven’t already joined our FB community group THE NIFTY PIXEL FANS & FRIENDS, please come over and say hello we’d love to see you there and you just might find more sweet treats there as well as in the Sweet Shoppe Designs Forum over the weekend, so please pop in and say hello! 
Waving excitedly at you Em and the Nifty Gals.
P.S There is also a flippen fantastic Blog Train kicking off soon so be sure to check the blog soon! hehe


  1. thank you so much for the sweet goodies! And welcome to SSD!

  2. Thank you so much Em!!! Congratulations my friend!!!


  3. Congrats! Thank you. So glad I found you through Lynn G!

  4. Welcome back Em, great to see you creating again and thanks for the goodies. :D

  5. Красивый набор и прекрасные шаблоны! Большое спасибо ! Желаю крепкого здоровья и творческих успехов!