Saturday 1 August 2020


Hello everyone, You’ve found your way here by travelling along the ALFLT Blog train. For those of you that have just discovered The Nifty Pixel welcome, it is so awesome to meet you all!

Its been two months since the Nifty Pixel’s store launch over at Sweet Shoppe Designs and what an amazing time its been to come out of retirement! Many of the ALFLT Blog Train followers connected with me during the June train and its been fantastic to meet you and to make new friends. Thank you for the wonderful response and support you have all shown me its truly been a beautiful experience and I’ve loved reading all your comments. I really tried to reply to everyone but if I missed you I apologise it really was a busy few weeks!

Because I had so much fun last train I totally had to jump onboard this month’s blog train, and what a pretty palette we have this time round. I love opportunities to scrap different shaped photos so I thought why not create a template showcasing Panoramic shots! Most smart phones have that feature however if yours doesn’t don’t despair, with a bit of choice cropping in your regular shots you can create your very own panoramic image without the added features in your phone.

Nifty Tip: So all you have to do is take a landscape shot of the scene you wish to document. The trick is to ensure that the vast majority of your scene is in the lower 1/3 or 1/2 of your viewfinder. Then when it comes to cropping you can remove the upper 1/2 section to create what appears to be a panoramic photo!
So now that we have that nifty tip under our belt here is the August ALFLT freebie template I have made for you. I really hope you have fun with this months, and please share any pages you create with it in our Fans and Friends group you’ll find the invite at the end of this post.
by Nifty Gal Kate
by Nifty Gal Tracy
by Nifty Gal Ella
by Nifty Gal Biancka
by Nifty Gal Tammy
Tonnes of inspiration from the Nifty Gals, so have fun working your own magic with the August 2020 ALFLT Page Draft. I really really enjoyed creating this months freebie template, sooooo I decided that I had to do a full set for the Nifty Shoppe! If you’re a fan of Pano’s too then you can grab the template pack PANORAMIC PRETTIES | Page Drafts at 25% OFF this weekend over at Sweet Shoppe Designs.
To make sure you’re travelling along the train properly you can go back to the very beginning at ALFTL Facebook GroupOtherwise you would have arrived here from the uber talented Karen Kleiman of KakleidesignsYour next stop is over at the blog of my lovely friend Wendy Nelson the creative behind Neverland Scraps. Wendy's template is fantastic so grab it while you can!

Ooh and before you go August 5th is my (cough cough) 50th Birthday! I'm having a WOT THA HECK I’M 50 FLASH SALE that will run from the 4th-6th of August. I’m touting it as my 25th Birthday + 25 years experience (what ever softens the blow hey! hehe), so you’ll be able to grab my template packs at 25% OFF during those 3 days, so be sure to check that one out! 
One last thing before you go I would absolutely love to see your pages using the ALFLT freebie template so here is an invite to The Nifty Pixel Fans & Friends Facebook group, come join us and share your artwork you might even meet some new friends along the way!
Waving excitedly at you and have fun on the blog train!


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