Saturday 19 December 2020


Wow, so its time to say adios to 2020, gawww what a year its been! 2020 was meant to be my debut back into the world after cancer treatment but then it all changed very quickly! In hindsight it was actually a pretty reflective year and afforded me a chance to spend more time with my lil man and big man. I got to home school with Tige something I never would have imagined I'd get a chance to do and completely loved! It gave Tige and I a solid 6 weeks to regroup together after 18 months of hospitals and feeling crook. We had so much fun and well ok a few tears and moments of Tige looking at me blankly but e-learning/ home schooling really was a heap of fun overall and it was time spent with Tige I could never replace.

Of course, I also returned to designing as you all know and made Sweet Shoppe Designs my home. What a wonderful time its been there. I’ve met some lovely new friends and customers and I feel like everything is as its meant to be in that part of my life. 

But todays post will be my last for 2020, however stay tuned because in 2 weeks time there will be a wonderful new collection for you and there might just be a blog train happening!

This weeks release is an Oldie but a Goodie. LIFE RECORDED template set is a collaboration between me and my lovely friend Lynn Grieveson. We released this one last year to raise money for the BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION and actually raised a grand total of $600. It was a great effort but now they need to find a home in my store at Sweet Shoppe Designs. I hope you will find these pretties a set you cherish just as much as I do.

We also have the 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR still happening, don’t forget to grab DAY 18 ’s goodies from the Sweet Shoppe Designs Forum HERE before it disappears! You might just find a Nifty template to play with and a cute alpha too!

Well thats it for 2020, thank you everyone for all your wonderful support . I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Christmas even during these tricky times. Can’t wait to see you all in a new and brighter 2021!

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