Friday 12 March 2021


This week I’m releasing A NIFTY TOOL KIT | PHOTO MOUNTS & FRAMES V.2. Perfect bundle for those of us that love to add a realistic touch to our digital snapshots. I have collated a few oldies but goodies and paired them with some new packs so check your stash before popping the bundle in your cart, you just might have a couple of these already.

The bundle includes a new set of VINTAGE CORNER MOUNTS: 6 different photo frames that include the old school adhesive photo corner mounts. All the frames are slightly marked with age and come in varying sizes and colours. There is also the tried true and tested CURATE IT V.1 PICTURE HANGING  The pack includes several ways to curate and hang your digital photos. Including Picture hooks, cord, hangers and attachments. Mix and match to create some unique ways of showcasing your photos. CURATE IT V.2 The pack includes 5 different shaped frames each offered in black or white. The pack also includes 3 different ribbons and bow hangers that are offered in both black and white. Mix and match to create some unique ways of showcasing your photos. These are a fun way to to mount and hang your digital photos!

GEO-LICIOUS CLIPPING MASKS are another set release previously. This pack is tonnes of fun and perfect for adding some artistic effects to your art journaling or scrapbook pages. The pack includes 4 unique geometrical masks. GLASS LANTERN V.1 MOUNTS The pack includes 8 unique glass lantern mounts. Try clipping your photo to the White frame then inverting it to get the negative film effect. For even more realism reduce the opacity by a notch or two so it becomes slightly transparent giving the effect of being a real negative slide. GRUNGE IT UP V.2: The pack includes 6 graphic clipping masks with a grungy stamped effect and also includes standard frames in PNG format. GRUNGY POLAROIDS MOUNTS: this pack includes 6 grungy, messed up & stained polaroid frames. OLD & TATTERED: This vintage set of photo mounts are slightly worn and grungy with visible wear and tear. They are creased and torn and yellowing on the edges. There are 4 unique frames that come in white and a yellowed version that shows its age. Great for adding some realistic yet vintage effects to your digital photos.
How awesome are the Nifty Gals artworks! To see more of the teams awesome work join us over at the Fans group. The invite is below simply click on that and start sharing your art too, we’d love to see your creations!
I hope you all have a great weekend, stay safe and keep on scrapping everyone!

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