Saturday 22 May 2021


The sense of loss and grief is hard to process especially when loved ones are taken too soon. So when I recently lost my dear friend, Jules to cancer I really needed something to work through those feelings, which is how this weeks new release came about.

YOU’VE GOT WINGS is a lovely collection created as a dedication to the ones we love that may not be standing beside us but are in our hearts. The collection has been designed to help us convey how we feel when we loss someone special. It may be because that special someone has gained their wings or because we're traveling different paths, either way scrapping about grief and loss can be really tricky yet so incredibly cathartic. This collection might help you find solace in an otherwise difficult time. Its also about celebrating the love of someone special and dear to you, so you will find it quite versatile in capturing the joy of having experienced that love or being in love. 

The bundle consists of the kit and 4 extra packs, including Word Art, Mixed Media, Bits & Bobs & a set of pretty acetate Angel Wings at 30% off however you can buy the packs individually too. 

I also created a coordinating set of page drafts that highlights round photos with a pretty heart shape accent and wings to represent the angel in your life. This pack is a set of 4 12x12 fully customisable templates ready for you to create your beautiful artworks capturing those special moments & people.
These lovely products are on sale all weekend over at Sweet Shoppe Designs!

Have a great weekend, stay safe and keep on scrappin’ everyone!

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