Saturday 4 September 2021


Hey everyone, I love a season change and right now here in Australia we are experiencing a warm & blissful Spring vibe in the air. I know its Autumn or fall on the other side of the world so I thought why not re-release a fun set of templates formerly known as Chevvie Delight, but give them a joosh and rename them. CHEVRON BLISS are perfect for both Autumn and Spring, depending on which hemisphere you live in. Yep, thats right The Nifty Pixel templates have you covered for all seasons! hehe

To see more wonderful pages using these templates come and join us over at THE NIFTY PIXEL FRIENDS GROUP on Facebook and share your artworks too we love seeing your creations over there.
Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read this weeks blog post.
Catch you next week with some bold and bright goodness!

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