Saturday 11 December 2021


Ooh we are getting closer to wrapping up this year! I just can’t get over how its flown by, I feel like I say that almost every post, do you feel the same way? 

With this brand new week I have another re-do for you, so you might want to check your stash! This time its a fun bundle called NIGHT BEFORE! This one has had a huge dust off and redesign and is now filled to the brim with all things festive. It captures the excitement of Christmas Eve. Setting out milk and cookies for Santa, carrots for the Reindeer, sleigh rides, wish lists and presents under the tree. Its getting ready for Santa’s delivery and experiencing the excitement that Christmas Eve brings!

I also created a fun set of NIGHT BEFORE PAGE DRAFTS in a bunting style to really kick start those festive pages and perfect for hanging those Christmas stockings on!

Here is a little freebie for you I hope you enjoy it!
Have a fantastic weekend everyone, I’ll be back next with week with some new templates so stay tuned for those they’ll be the last of my 2021 products!

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  1. You're the queen of clusters! Thank you so much for the free gift.