Saturday 8 January 2022


Hello everyone, welcome to 2022! I hope you have had an amazing Christmas and New Years? I had a wonderful break caught up with my mum after border lockdowns the last 6 months were finally lifted,. Mum stayed for a couple of weeks, which was so amazing to get to spend some time with her. Tige loves his Grandma so he was super excited to hang out with his Grandma. Then Dan, Tige and I went on a mini road trip and visited friends up north to escape the tourist season for a little while.

It was so relaxing but I’m itching to get back into the swing of things and decided to ease in with a release of old freebie templates that I thought you guys might like to play with so I've popped them in my Nifty Pixel Shop over at Sweet Shoppe Designs

Please check your stash before purchasing you might already have these nifty little beauties!

So there ya go, 4 singles to keep your creative mojo flowing. Next week I have a brand new collection and coordinating templates so stay tuned for those in your inbox! Ooh and I would love to invite you to my little FB fans group so if you’d like to join simply click the invite below, I hope to see you there! 
Have a fabulous weekend everyone and happy scrapping!

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