Saturday 4 November 2023


You know how sometimes you just go completely batty trying to make your mind up about something? This was my reality trying to decide a few weeks back what Halloween theme I wanted to create for you guys and then the idea struck me...why not just go with how I was feeling in that very moment... GOING BATTY it is then! lol

This cute collection and coordinating templates will have you not only scrapping those Halloween memories but those feelings of complete and utter looniness. We can all feel a little stir crazy so why not capture those moments too with just a lil dash of bat poop craziness thrown into the mix!

Last but not least if you love creating pages using my goodies it would be amazing to see you join me over in the Nifty Friends Group on Facebook. A place where you can share your beautiful creations with our community. Incase you haven’t already joined here is an invitation, it would be awesome to see you there and would love to see your pages created using The Nifty Pixel product!

 Have fun creating and have a fantastic weekend everyone.

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