Friday 20 March 2015


It's that time again...another fantastic release of 'nifty' packs to add to your digital scrapbook stash.
This weeks releases include another cool Page Drafts Template pack called 'Passport to the World'. These templates look at using passport size photos in your projects. We all have a stash of photos sometimes a ridiculous amount from the same day or event now you can use as many as you like simply by reducing their size to a smaller more manageable proportion. 

The other packs include 'Light Fantastic Photo Clipping Masks' and are perfect for those of you that love a milky effect and a touch of bokeh added to your photo. Each clipping mask includes a shadow which you can turn ON/OFF.  Last but not least we have 2 texture/paint packs, 'A Little Shabby Brush & Stamp Set' and 'SplatterificV.1 Paint Textures', these will be perfect for adding some texture and can be easily recoloured to suit your project at hand!

by Allie-Marie

by Carrie Shirley Randolph

by Barbara Sokee
by Zeneva Kovic
by Zeneva Kovic
by Carina Kindh

by Marie Johansson
by Zeneva Kovic

If you create an awesome page using these nifty packs we'd love to see them so go on share your creations with us either here or on our FB page which you can link to by using the buttons on the sidebar or alternatively you could scoot to instagram and use the hashtags below!

Thanks for stopping by... have fun scrappin' and dont forget to

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