Thursday 15 October 2015


It's that time again Nifty Pack release day...Woohoo! This month it's all about adding some realism to your pages with flair and confidence. 

Curate It V.2 {Picture Framing} is a 'nifty' pack of frames and ribbon wall mounts which are a great way to frame your precious photo's and mount them in a fun and realistic way to your projects. With several shapes to choose from and offered in black and white versions you can easily select the right one to compliment your project. 
We also have Paper Folds V.1 { Clipping Masks}. Do you like your digital pages to look as realistic as possible? Then these 12X12 clipping masks will be just the touch you need to take your projects to the next level. Each one has a unique torn and folded edge to add some flair and texture to your digital projects. 

I really hope you find these nifty packs handy, I know I will....ooh and hey remember you can grab these this weekend for a whopping...

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