Saturday 5 October 2019


Hi Everyone,
It’s been a wee while since my last post here at the Nifty Blog. It’s been a hectic few months. I’m at the pointy end of my Breast Cancer treatment, nearing the final few rounds of Herceptin and the final surgery to get myself some new tata’s! Wooho getting excited for 2020 to roll around, for me its going to be significant, a new year, no nasty’s and nothing but blue skies!

To say the last 12 months has been quite a journey would be an understatement but its also had plenty of blessings, I’m here and happy so thats gotta be a good thing right?! hehe October 4th 2018 was my first round of Chemo and so its really timely that October has rolled around again! This month is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS and with DSD here what a perfect opportunity to raise some money on behalf of Breast Cancer Research.

So to kick start the fundraiser Lynn and I have collaborated again on a new template pack for the SPECIAL SATURDAY SALE. This time I designed 4 new 12x12 designs using Lynn’s stunning product. It’s such a buzz to be able to bring you this new set called Life Recorded. Each template focuses on positive moments in life. No matter how tricky life gets you can always find a positive in the little moments & the everyday magic. They are the stuff that ultimately matter at the end of the day. So lets scrap the everyday joys of life and immortalise those precious yet fleeting moments.

So here is how the fundraiser is going to work!
For every LIFE RECORDED TEMPLATE PACK sold during the month of October, I will donate my share of the pack sales to the NATIONAL BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION!  Yep its that simple, if you like it, then by all means buy it and I will donate the money but that is not the only exciting opportunity to help out, see below for another fundraiser!

I’m also hosting the OCTOBER INSPIRATION CHALLENGE over at The Lilypad. This month as a cheeky nod to Breast Cancer Awareness, the challenge criteria is to add either/all a Pink Ribbon, Pink Bow or a strip of Pink paper to your designs. If you want to go all out and create a Pink page then go for it.

Heres the cool part!
For every page that is subbed in this months Inspiration challenge I will donate $1 and Laura the lovely boss lady at TLP will match my amount! How amazing and how good would it be to have the same turn out as we do for the MOC challenges!? So tell your digi scrapping friends all about these two fundraisers, I can’t wait to see what the total amount is at the end of the month and will be sure to keep you posted on the final tally!

And since its DSD I wanted to give you all a gift!
Here is LIFE RECORDED Mini Kit for you to download! Hope you enjoy this lil' pretty!

Don’t forget to check those Tata’s ladies and gents. 
Happy scrapping!
Em x


  1. I did not know you were going through this battle. Congrats on being almost done! I have had breast cancer twice and just wanted to let you know - you are stronger than you think! You got this!!

    1. I hadn’t a clue you were a survivor too and twice no less! We are silent achievers although I must admit I've kept my battle pretty public hehe. So happy to hear you have conquered it twice. Warrior lady and yes its during trying times you discover an inner strength you didn’t realise you had xo

  2. LOVE the templates. LOVE the layouts. Thank you for the gorgeous freebie! You are inspirational! x

  3. This is great...thank you so much!!!