Sunday 3 November 2019


So we did it! What an awesome effort from our Lilypad community and family. Everyone that subbed a page  helped raise much needed finds for breast cancer research. each and every page was beautiful, some incredibly touching and raw. Its sad how many of us have been touched by cancer or watched loved ones endure it. We are all warriors in one way or another and that grace, resilience and strength is inspiring. Our amazing community of creatives subbed a whopping 91 pages in the October Inspiration Challenge!

Because of your incredible support $91 was to be donated from the Inspiration challenge submission final tally and well I couldn’t do that I had to round that total up to $100, even numbers work better for me hehe.

I also wanted to donate my share of profits from the sales of my and Lynn’s collaborative Templates 'LIFE RECORDED' that were on special for the month of October. Lynn Grieveson kindly donated her profits too! Wow, love you girl! So together we raised a further $184.95! That equates to a lot of packs being sold and we are eternally grateful for those of you that purchased them. I didn’t want to buck the trend so that total also got rounded up to $200, which means we have managed to raise $300 from the Inspiration challenge and the sale of those templates and I donated that amount to the NATIONAL BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION here in Australia on behalf of all of us!
Don’t go just yet because we haven’t finished, there’s more...our lovely, awesome sauce boss lady Laura  will also be donating $91 to her chosen organisation the SUSAN G KOMEN BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION. How awesome is that! This extra boost of funds gives us a grand total of $391 donated on half of THE LILYPAD. Well done everyone!

Thank you again for your incredible sense of community support. All donations no matter what organisation will help in funding research into breast cancer prevention and treatment and in the mission to attain zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030. This is totally achievable and by tapping into our creative energy we have all been a part in helping researchers potentially reach this goal!

On behalf of myself, Laura and Lynn we thank you again for your love and support, we should be very proud of our TLP family, I know I am and am so grateful for everyone in this awesome community.

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