Saturday 26 June 2021


This week I have a sweet set of templates perfect for the multi photo scrapper. If you’re like me you can get a bit snap happy and take 50,000 photos of that one moment, lol well these are perfect for you. No need to delete just drop a few of those candid shots into these templates and you're away!

PRETTY AS A PICTURE V.1 PAGE DRAFTS has also had a bit of a revamp. So for those of you that might recognise them check your stash as they were previously offered in another store. This newer version has had quite the dust off they also got a fresh new palette and plenty of dimensional shadows to create that more realistic look.

This set is available all weekend over at Sweet Shoppe Designs at 25% off, so snag them in the sale.

by nifty gal Lisa
by nifty gal Dalis
by nifty gal Léa
by nifty gal Trish
by nifty gal Jenni

How gorgeous were these samplings of pages that the nifty gals created?! For more inspiration I’d love to invite you to The Nifty Pixel Fans & Friends FB group, where you can see many more awesome pages by the nifty gals and nifty followers. If you are new to the nifty pixel fold  share your nifty creations because we love to swoon over them too of course hehe! You can also keep up to date on all the nifty news and maybe even find exclusive goodies there too :)   
Thanks again for stopping by, have a fantastic week!

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