Saturday 7 May 2022


This iNSD I have been busy creating lots of nifty goodness for you! I have two collections, two coordinating template sets and 12 new CU products, wow so so excited to share them all with you.

So too kick start the releases here is my new solo collection called A NEW DAY. This one is all about grasping today as though its the first one of the rest of our lives. Allowing the gold to glisten and a reminder to continue celebrating life with a wide smile and to cherish every moment because today is full of promise and new possibilities! And you guessed it I had to make some templates to coordinate, so check them out below too!

... Jo from JoCee Designs called IMAGINE. A serene dedication to being kind to one another, to inspire finding peace and harmony through the most powerful act, one of love, grace and understanding. I also created some beautifully coordinated wordy templates, so be sure to check those out below!
Of course how can we have iNSD without some brand new Commercial Use products!!! This year I have 12 new packs for you guys and not only are these fantastic designer resources but they can also be used in your scrapbook memory keeping. I have two new Brush and Stamp sets CU LADIES V.1 and CU GENTLEMEN V.1 perfect for adding some portraiture to your clusters and art journal style projects.
I have also been having fun making lots of grungy marks. This pack  PAINT DAUBS V.1 were made with acrylic paint and spun my brush in a circular motion to create these fun striations. I also have PAINT DAUBS V.2 again using acrylic paint but slightly more watered down and then just dabbed the brush onto the paper and got some great marks with that technique.
I also have a doodled set of MAKING MARKS V.9. These were created with a nifty set of markers that have different thicknesses in nibs. I have a second set of CU MASKING TAPE V.2.
A new set of CU FLOWERS V.2. These happy faces were photos I took of the community garden beds in and around the complex we are living in. I fun set of CU LOCKS V.1 which include 4 locks and 2 keys.
After many requests I have created a set of CU CRUMPLED EDGERS V.1. These are perfect for adding some realistic folds and crinkled edges to your papers. I also have a new set of CU OLD PAPERS V.4.
My final two sets are ones I’m really excited about. CU GAUZE V.1  I raided my first aid kit and pulled out the gauze. You will see there are some fuzzy sections as the gauze I used was well past its use by date but they are so pretty and love how they turned out. The CU MESH V.1. pack was some packaging a squishy ball came in. These worked really well and love the frayed edges on each piece.
Last but not least I am hosting an iNSD Designer Template Challenge. So scoot over to the SSD iNSD 2022 forum. Download this template there and create a page combining it with any Nifty Pixel product. Once you share that in the SSD Gallery and link it up in the iNSD Nifty Template challenge thread you will automatically be in the running for a $20 coupon to shop in the Nifty Pixel store. (Exludes CU product).
Don’t forget to share your nifty iNSD creations over in the Nifty Friends Group on Facebook too. If you haven’t already joined, below is an invitation, I'd love to see you there so why not stop by and say hello!
Have a fantastic iNSD everyone!

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