Saturday 28 May 2022


Hey everyone, I’m back after a couple of weeks off. We have been so busy here with our home renovation, we’re now at the pointy end of Stage 1. We have had the main house completely renovated and if all goes to plan we will be moving back into our family home after 12 months of renting!

Its been a really hard and stressful road with our first builder disappearing so there was legal stuff that caused a lot of tears and plenty of deep breaths and then it was a process finding a new builder. Thankfully things are really taking shape and after a fortnight of finalising so many things in the build we now have a new kitchen installed stone tops to arrive in 10 days yay! The new walls were mudded and are ready for painting this week. The louvre window blades arrived yesterday they took weeks to be manufactured and this week the painting gets done followed by the floors being sanded, stained and polished.

Its been such a great experience with our new builder and we're so excited to see our home come together just as we had imagined, if not better! I’ll keep you all posted and share photos soon but if you like watching renovations take shape I do have an IG account @downhibiscuslane where you can see some of the goings on there! 

Back to regular programming haha! This week I’m sharing two sets of templates! The creative juices were flowing and I hope you enjoy these latest Nifty Pixel page drafts sets. Both are on sale over at Sweet Shoppe Designs this weekend at 25% off!

HEAD IN THE CLOUDS is perfect for the May This or That Challenge 14b so be sure to check that one out in the Sweet Shoppe Designs forum. A SWEET MOMENT is a pretty spring inspired set with curled paper edges for a touch of realism.

Thank you and have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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