Saturday 6 August 2022


For many of you in the U.S its either back to school time or nearing closer so I thought hey Em its time I released a school themed collection and coordinating template set!

So here is CLASSROOM ANTICS! This one is filled with everything you need to show off those classroom activities, projects and class photos. It also has a touch of vintage, making it perfect for documenting all those wonderful school days memories from the past and still fun for present day school moments. When you buy the bundle you will also received a FWP pack of Journal Cards as a special gift to celebrate going back to school and my Birthday!

And hey you know me I also made a set of coordinating templates CLASSROOM ANTICS V.1 | Page Drafts ideal for creating the perfect page of your school memories.

Below is the FWP when you buy the bundle!
I thought it would be fun to give you guys a pack of end pages. You know those vintage patterned paper sleeves you find at the beginning and end of books?  So here is a little gift for you, I hope you enjoy them.
Don’t forget to share your nifty creations over in the Nifty Friends Group on Facebook too. If you haven’t already joined, below is an invitation, I'd love to see you there so why not stop by and say hello!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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