Saturday 10 December 2022


Well can you believe that this year has come to a wrap almost?! Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful support this year. So many of you left kind words of encouragement and sooo many gorgeous artworks in the Nifty Pixel gallery its been such a pleasure to create for you and watch you in turn masterfully create so many incredible swoon worthy artworks using my products. Its been an absolute pleasure to get to know some of you so thank you for your support again.

Well with said, this weeks release will be my last collection and templates for 2022 and boy did I have AN ELFING GOOD TIME creating them! hehe

This playful and cheeky collection is all about those pesky but helpful elves. Watch Santa’s little helpers get up to mischief and remember...always make sure you’re on your best behaviour because they are watching you on Elf Cam and reporting back all they see to the North Pole.

Will you be on the Naughty or Nice list this year?

If you love creating pages using my goodies it would unreal if you join me over in the Nifty Friends Group on Facebook and share your nifty creations with our community. Incase you haven’t already joined here is an invitation, it would be awesome to see you there!

Have a spectacular festive season everyone. I hope you make many beautiful memories and can’t wait to see you in 2023 with lots of new and nifty products for your scrapping stash.
Stay safe and keep on scrapping those wonderful memories &

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